School FAQ's

How can this be FREE for Schools to use? What’s the catch?

There is NO catch! The Healthyhunger School Lunch Platform is free for schools because it is paid for by the local restaurants you order from. Restaurants pay an 11% order fee for every school order they receive. Restaurants can spend several hundreds to thousands of dollars per year advertising their school lunch programs. When they receive an order from schools registered on Healthy Hunger they are only paying for guaranteed business. Schools and students also have the opportunity to support local businesses in their community.

How do the restaurants get paid?

We will pay the restaurants for you! All financial reports and payment information is available on your account under the “Events” tab. On the day of the order we will pay the restaurant between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time. If you experienced a major issue with your order please contact us before 1:00 p.m. to stop payment or hold the payment until the issue is resolved.

Can we use this as a fundraiser?

Absolutely! In fact, over 90% of our registered schools use Healthy Hunger as a more efficient way to fundraise. The main reason fun lunches were only available once a month was because of the amount of work that was involved to organize them. Healthy hunger saves Lunch Coordinators and Volunteers countless hours of work. This can include: contacting restaurants, negotiating menu options and pricing, creating order forms, distributing and collecting order forms, sorting order forms, counting money, organizing the information, transferring order details into spreadsheets and paying the restaurant. We see many schools double, triple and even quadruple the amount of fun lunches and special events they offer because of Healthy Hunger’s all inclusive service.

Can we offer topping options to our students?

If the restaurant you are working with offers toppings, then YES! When creating your order form Step 2 will allow you to select any and all available topping choices. These options can vary between restaurant locations and brands. A few of the most common toppings for sandwiches/subs include: cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, cucumber, mayo, and mustard. If a particular option is not available on the restaurant’s menu, you have the ability to enter it manually when creating your order form. To manually add a topping option you must first confirm it is available with the restaurant directly.

Do we have to manually enter the student’s names and classrooms into the system?

No, you do not need to enter the student names into the system as the parents will individually register their children when creating their account. You will need to setup the Grade/Class List. This involves entering the Teacher names, grades and room numbers so that your students can complete their registration. For example: ‘”Gr 2A – Mrs. Johnson” or “Rm 212 – Mr. Stone”. Please select the “Settings” tab on your school account followed by “Manage Grade & Class List” when you are ready to allow student registration.

I am not very good with computers, what kind of support will I have?

Healthy Hunger Customer support and tech support are readily available to you. We are more than happy to help you get started, select your first restaurant, create your first order form, or anything else you might need help with. We also provide unlimited free support to all your parents. Parents will have access to the customer support portal at any time throughout the school year.

How many restaurants will I have to choose from?

Each school account includes a list of our registered restaurants that are available to your school. The options are determined based on your school’s address. You can check out the available options on your account by selecting the “Vendors” tab followed by “View Available Restaurants”. We are always accepting new restaurants and caterers to provide your school with the best options. Our registered restaurants are always excited to receive your business, prepare fresh meals and deliver the correct items on time! Healthy Hunger accepts new restaurants year round. If you are currently working with good quality caterers or have in the past, please encourage them to check out healthyhunger.ca. With you and other School lunch coordinators recommending restaurants and providing feedback on them we can ensure exceptional quality and professionalism.

Can I order from restaurants that I have worked with in the past?

Absolutely! We want the best restaurant caterers on Healthy Hunger and we encourage you to inform your existing caterers to join the program and of the numerous benefits they would receive by registering. Even if a caterer is not registered you can still create a manual order form based on their menu and information. When using a vendor that is not registere there will be a 4.5% event fee charged on the total order value.

How much money will our school make per order?

The amount of fundraising profit generated from the School Lunch Program is determined and controlled by the School Lunch Coordinator. When creating an order form you will see the product cost from the restaurant and you will be asked to enter the “Selling Cost to Students” for each available item. You can then increase the product cost so that each student’s order will include a preset amount that is contributed to your fundraising initiatives. There isn’t a set value, minimum or maximum value. The fundraising amount is entirely up to you. The cost and fundraising amount can be customized for every restaurant, menu item and fun lunch date. A cheque for the fundraising proceeds generated from each Fun Lunch will be mailed to your school at the end of the month.

Is there a minimum number of Fun lunches we must commit to, or contracts we need to sign?

Absolutely not! Your school is not required to sign any contracts or guarantee a minimum number of Fun Lunch dates. You are free to set up as little or as many Fun Lunch dates as your school chooses.

What about students who do not have access to a computer, or parents that do not want to pay online?

As a School Coordinator you can order meals on a student’s behalf though the school account. For every Fun Lunch order you create you will also have the option to allow parents to send cash to school, or make it mandatory that they pay online.

Do parents have to pay for all the lunches at the same time?

Parents have full flexibility when ordering and paying for meals. They can purchase a single fun lunch, a few fun lunches or all the lunches that are available on their account. The only limitation to parents is that no orders or changes can be made to the lunch orders after the cut-off date has passed. The cut-off date is always 5 days before each Fun Lunch. Parents can even order for multiple students attending the same or different schools, delete or cancel lunches, and much more all from one central account.

How long does it take to get our first lunch organized, and how much work is involved?

Getting your first fun lunch set up can be done very quickly. After you select the restaurant you want to work with and confirm their available, your first order form can be set up in 5-10 minutes. You can post an order form on your account by going to the “Events” tab followed by “Create New Fun Lunch”. You are welcome to contact Healthy Hunger for assistance at any time.

How many lunches can be set up per day, week, and month?

You can set up as few or as many Fun lunch dates as you like throughout the week, month and school year.