Restaurant FAQ's

How do I get paid for my orders?

Healthy Hunger accepts online payments from schools, students and parents. You will not pay any payment processing fees for accepting these online payments. On the day of the lunch a Healthy Hunger Customer Service Agent will contact you between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time and provide you with a credit card number. You can use it to manually charge the payment through on your debit or credit terminal. If you are unable to manually charge a credit card you can discuss other payment arrangements with your Healthy Hunger Customer Service Representative.

How much does it cost to register with Healthy Hunger?

An account with Healthy Hunger is free to register. There are no setup fees or annual membership fees.There is an 11% order fee that is only charged when you receive an order. You have control of setting your own pricing, so you can include that 11% into your menu pricing and not affect your bottom line.

What information is required to register an account with Healthy Hunger?

We can create your restaurant account if you are able to send the following information:

1. Your Full Name, Cell Phone Number & Preferred Email Address

2. Restaurant Name - Full Address, Postal Code & Benchmark Area (ex. Lawson Heights Mall)

3. Distance Willing to Deliver - 5 - 40 Km Radius

4. Company Logo

p class="in-parag">Once the account is created, the next step will be to setup your menu and pricing. If your restaurant’s brand is already registered with Healthy Hunger you may be able to select a few of the most popular menu items from the drop down list available on the “Manage Menu” tab followed by “Step 2: Add New Menu”. If menu options are not available or to add additional items you can manually enter the product and pricing. Please feel free to contact Healthy Hunger for suggestions and assistance with designing your menu.

How is the order sent to the restaurant?

There are 4 essential sets of information on a restaurant account.

1.  Order Income Statement - This is a snapshot of your upcoming order that is updated in real time.  You can view the amount of menu items currently ordered and the revenue generated from the orders from your account at any time by selecting the “My Orders” tab followed by “Up-Coming Orders” then “View Summary”.  This is a handy resource for estimating prep time, staffing and inventory requirements.

2. Class List Summary - This is a breakdown of the amount of menu items ordered per classroom.

3. Distribution List - This is a detailed breakdown of each student's order by classroom, organized by food item, beverage item and snack item.

4. Student Order Labels - This contains the student name, classroom and their individual order.They can be purchased at Staples with the code: 5163.

We always close the order 5 days before the event.  After it is closed, our tech team checks througheach order to ensure all the data is correct before it is finalized and emailed to you.  We recommend not printing the order lists until the email is received to ensure there are no discrepancies.  You will receive the email summary 4 days before the order. In the meantime, you are always able to use “View Order Summary” to ensure you have enough inventory, supplies and staffing to prepare the lunch.

How do I access the order lists on my account?

You can access the order information on your account any time through the calendar located on the “My Home” page. All upcoming orders will be available to select from the calendar by clicking on the school name. You can also view a list of all the upcoming order dates by selecting the “My Orders” tab followed by “Up-Coming Orders” then “View Summary” beside any of the posted events.  Select "View Order Summary" to open up the order information.

The View Summary page includes the options to "Print Distribution List", "Print Class Summary" and "Print Student Order Labels".  You can select which method of organization will work best for you however it is expected that all the orders are separated by classroom. If you are interested in using the order labels, they can be purchased from Staples using Avery code: 5163.

How do we confirm the order?

There is a Confirm Button on the order lists that are emailed to you from Healthy Hunger.  Please click on the button so we are notified that you have successfully received the order lists.

We will contact you 24 hours before the lunch if it hasn’t been confirmed online. If we are unable to get in contact with you we will make alternate arrangements for another restaurant to provide the order.

Is there a way to stand out from other restaurants?

Yes absolutely! Your restaurant profile will be visible to all of our registered schools that are within your delivery zone. Advertising options are available to increase your exposure to schools and to become a “Featured Vendor” with Healthy Hunger.

Only 12 spots are available per month in each region. The advertisement banner will display your restaurant’s profile to schools on every page they visit. All spots are sold on a first come first serve basis. To secure your spot please contact support@healthyhunger.com.