Students & Parents

How It Works

Registration is fast and easy!

Step 1. Register under Students & Parents

Registration is extremely easy, and will only take a few minutes! Enter your name, email address, and create a password. Your account has now been created and you can add your child or children to the account.

Step 2. Add student or students to your account

To register your child you will select your Province, City, and School. Then enter your child's name and select the grade or class they are in.

Ordering Your Meals

Step 1. View upcoming orders

The calendar on your home page will show all the lunch dates your school has organized throughout the year. You can order for one date, a few date's, or all of them. You can order at any time before the 5 day cut off period. The "5 Day Order Cut Off Period" is 5 days before the actual order date. After the 5 day cut off has passed you cannot order, or edit any meals.

Step 2. Select the order date you would like to order for

By clicking the restaurant logo on your home page calendar you will be able to view the order form for the selected date.

Step 3. Select Menu Items

Here you will be able to order with complete accuracy what your child would like to eat.

Step 4. Pay for order

After the you have finished ordering your meal, you will be able to pay online using Visa, MasterCard or INTERAC® Online. Most schools will like you to pay online, depending on the payment options selected by your school, you could also submit your order online and send the the money to your school. A Service Fee of $0.30+3% will be charged to all orders that are paid for online using Visa, MasterCard, or INTERAC® Online.


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