Simple, Free, Online Ordering

For Your Next School Fun Lunch

Remember the good old days of school fun lunches?

A rare treat, and one that took a lot of planning!

Paper slips sent home with kids, delivered crumpled and dirty, usually the night before the deadline. Envelopes of cash sent to school in backpacks in the hope that it would make it safely the coordinator.

Then hours of counting money, matching up orders and arranging the details with the sub-shop, pizza place or other fast food favourite. Then delivery of sometimes 500 different orders to be allocated carefully from hand written spreadsheets.

You can see why these were a rare occurrence. The work involved for everyone made it impossible to even consider weekly fun lunches!

Healthy Hunger set out to change all that with a simple to use online ordering system. Accessible by the school coordinators, parents and restaurants and always free for schools to use.


Did you hear about Healthy Hunger from a friend or co-worker and or interested in signing up to see what all the fuss is about.


Your school just signed up and you're ready for your first round of simple online lunch ordering.


School lunches are great way for small local businesses and franchises to access new clients at a very low cost and no risk. Sign up today to become a school caterer.


Healthy Hunger is a brain child of President and CEO Jordan Deforest, a former fast food franchisee who worked with schools in Calgary and Edmonton to deliver lunches. Deforest and his family were kept so busy servicing schools in the two cities that they knew there had to be a better way.

Some schools were great, and would bring nicely organized spreadsheets of what was needed for each class. Other schools would come in and drop off 500 order forms that we had to go through, sort, and count. That’s when we realized how much work school coordinators were putting into these lunches, and we started looking at an online system for our restaurants that could help schools order from us a little bit easier.

Jordan DeForest, President & CEO

From there, Healthy Hunger was born

In its first year, six Calgary schools used Healthy Hunger for their fun lunches, and that quickly grew to over 225 schools in Calgary. Now there are over 1000 schools, and over 200,000 registered users on the site across Canada, with over 300,000 students signed up to order.